Municipal Services

The City of Holladay has it's own Justice Court.  The Court has jurisdiction to hear all Class "B" and "C" misdemeanors and infractions occuring within the boundaries of Holladay City.   Also, the Court will handle small claim matters which arise in Holladay. The jurisdictional limit for small claims will be $5,000.  Learn more about the process for traffic cases and criminal cases.

Fire Truck

Unified Fire Department

The City of Holladay was incorporated because citizens wanted a government more responsive to their needs than the large Salt Lake County bureaucracy, where many Holladay residents felt under represented-particularly in planning and zoning issues. Holladay's Mayor and City Council are committed to providing excellent services to the city's residents.  Municipal services include  policeand fire protection, and public works (streets, street lighting and striping, snow plowing, etc.)

So why incorporate? To control the one vital service that can now be done by Holladay's own citizens: planning and zoning. Also, even contracting with the county lets Holladay's elected officials determine what level of service residents will receive and more local control over all other contracted services.