6/5/12 PC Agenda

The Planning Commission will hold a meeting on Tuesday, June 5 at 7pm. The agenda is now available.

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TUESDAY June 5, 2012
4580 S 2300 E


All agenda items may be discussed.


ACTION ITEMS (These matters will be heard and may be voted on.)  (Public Hearing – Notices have been mailed to neighboring property owners as required by law.)

7:00 PM    1.    Orvin Plat Amendment – 4815 Marabow Cr. – R-1-10 Zone – Planner:
Rick Whiting – Applicant, James Orvin, wishes to adjust a property line between his lot and the parcel immediately to the south.  (This is item is a public hearing.)

7:15 PM    2.    Millcreek Sports Massage – 4140 S 2700 E – Home Occupation with
Customers – R-1-10 Zone  – Planner: Rick Whiting – Ms. Lynette Smith
proposes to reduce the volume of her Sports Massage business and move it into her home.  She anticipates that she will have three to four customers per day – one at a time.  Off street parking will be provided.  (This is item is a public hearing.)

7:45 PM    3.    Canyon Slope Square Retail – 3158 & 3176 E 6200 S – Conditional
Use Permit for Multiple Retail Businesses – O-R-D Zone – Planner: Rick
Whiting – Synergy Development has requested a Conditional Use Permit for two new buildings that will house four businesses each.  Several occupants will be restaurants, a permitted use in this zone, however, other occupants may entail general retail business which requires conditional use approval.  (This is item is a public hearing.)

8:00 PM    4.    The Cottonwoods PUD, CUP and Conceptual Site Plan Review
(Continued) –  1951 E 5600 S – Planner: Rick Whiting – This request by Jeff and Clark Cannon is to facilitate development of a multi-unit luxury residential community as well as, potentially, one or more mixed use commercial buildings. – (This is item is a continued public hearing.)

DISCUSSION ITEMS  (These items are scheduled to be discussed but no official actions will be taken)

5    Residential Building Corridor and Front Setback Code Amendment
(Continued) – Planners: Paul Allred & Jonathan Teerlink – The City proposes to amend the method by which front setback and building corridor are calculated.  A six-month temporary regulation has been initiated by the City Council.  Staff is studying and preparing a text amendment intended to amend and/or replace this current temporary ordinance.

6.    Approve minutes of the April 17 and May 15, 2012


7.        Updates or follow-up on items currently in the development review process
8.        Report from Staff on upcoming applications
9.        Discussion of possible future amendments to code



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