4/6/16 PC Agenda

The Planning Commission will hold a meeting on Wednesday, April 6 at 7:00 pm.  The agenda and packet are now available.


Wednesday April 6th 2016
Council Chambers – 4580 S 2300 E

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5:30 PM FIELD TRIP – (Meet at City Hall prior to visiting various sites) Site visits to properties listed on this agenda will take place during this time. The public is welcome to attend the field trip in their own vehicle. No decisions will be made during the field trip.

6:30 PM PRE-MEETING / WORK SESSION – All agenda items may be discussed. No decisions will be made during this portion of the meeting. **Light Dinner will be served**

1. Welcome & Chair Opening Statement

ACTION ITEMS – will be heard and may be voted upon
7:05 PM 2. Public Hearing – Holladay Village Ordinance Amendments Three proposed amendments affecting applications in the Holladay Village zone. Amendments proposed: Neighborhood Meeting requirement for new developments, clarification of the entitlement process for new developments and a proposal of a 300’ separation regulation for any new Dining Club with the Holladay Village zone.

7:15 PM 3. Public Hearing – Highland Offices, 4371 S Highland Drive – Conditional Use in the RM zone Applicant, Amir Haskic, proposes professional-office type uses within a new office building. The property is zoned RM which allows for a limited list of professional office uses via a conditional approval from the Planning Commission.

7:25 PM 4. Public Hearing – Highland Offices, 4371 S Highland Drive – Conceptual Site Plan As part of the previous item the applicant, Amir Haskic, proposes to redevelop this property for a new office building. The property is zoned RM which allows for office uses. The planning commission will review the site plan proposal for compliance with conceptual submittal requirements.

7:45 PM 5. Public Hearing – Wasatch Waldorf School Rezone Proposal (R-1-10 to Public, “P”), 1458 E Murray Holladay Rd At the request of the City, applicant, Michael Wright, is requesting to rezone of approx. 2.6 acres of land from R-1-10 (single-family residential) to P (Public, “P” zone).

8:05 PM 6. Public Hearing – Hedgewood Rezone Proposal (R-1-15 to R-2-8), 1992 E Hedgewood, 5751-5761 S Highland Dr. Three separate and abutting property owners; Rob Reynolds, Lamar Gatherum and Darin Parker propose to rezone their properties from R-1-15 (single family residential on 15,000sq. ft. lots) to R-2-8 (twin-unit residential on 8,000 sq. ft. lots) for the purpose of residential redevelopment.

8:25 PM 7. Public Hearing – Christensen Permanent Cosmetics, 2180 E 4500 S “Medical Village” – Conditional Use in RM Zone Applicant, Melissa Christensen, requests conditional use approval for a space at the above address to perform permanent cosmetics procedures for her clients. The property is located in the RM zone which allows this use as a conditional use, accessory to the other conditional uses previously approved at this location

8:45 PM 8. Lincoln Woods Subdivision, 2021 E & 1985 E Lincoln Lane – Final Plat Applicant, Greg Kennard, requests final plat review and approval of a three-lot subdivision in the R-1-15 zone.

9.05 PM 9. Approval of Minutes – February 2, 16 & March 15, 2016

• General Plan Adoption Update
• Report from Staff on upcoming applications
• Discussion of possible future amendments to code



On Friday, April 1, 2016 at 9:00 am a copy of the foregoing agenda was posted in conspicuous view in the front foyer of the City of Holladay City Hall. The agenda was also posted at the Holladay Library, City website – www.cityofholladay.com and State Public Notice website – http://pmn.utah.gov. A copy of this notice was emailed to the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News, newspapers of general circulation in the City by the Office of the City Recorder. A copy was also emailed to Salt Lake County Council, Cottonwood Heights City and Murray City. Reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities or those in need of language interpretation service can be provided upon request.

For assistance, please call the City Recorder’s office at 272-9450 at least three days in advance. TTY/TDD number is (801)270-2425 or call Relay Utah at #7-1-1