11/18/14 PC Agenda

The Planning Commission will hold a meeting on Tuesday, November 18 at 7pm. The agenda is now available.


Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2014 Location: Holladay City Hall – 4580 S 2300 E
Time: 7:00 PM


FIELD TRIP – NO field trips will be conducted until March due to early darkness. Commissioners are encouraged to visit each site individually to become familiar with the proposed item(s.)
6:30 PM PRE-MEETING / WORK SESSION – All agenda items may be discussed. No decisions are made.

Light Dinner will be served to the Commissioners.



(The following matters are Public Hearings and public comment is encouraged. Each item will be heard
and may be voted on. Notice to neighbors has been provided as required by law.)

7:00 PM 1. Cowboy Partners Center – 6440 S Wasatch Blvd. – Zone Change from R-M to
O-R-D – Staff Planner: Rick Whiting – The applicant, Cowboy Partners, wishes to rezone this four acre property from RM (Residential –Multifamily) to ORD (Office Research and Development) in order to increase options for signage on their office building.

7:15 PM 2. Beck Adventures – 1992 E Hedgewood Ct. – Zone Change from R-1-15 to RO – Staff Planner: Rick Whiting – The applicant, Burt Carson wishes to rezone his .4 acre property from R-1-15 (Single Family Residential on 15,000 sq. ft. minimum sized lots) to RO (Residential Office) so that he can reconfigure the home for professional office use.

(The following matters may be considered and may be voted on. Public Notice is not required.)

3. Highland Place 6-Lot Subdivision – 5246 S Highland Dr. – Preliminary Plat – R-1-8 Zone – Staff Planner : Rick Whiting, – Applicant, David Weekley
Homes, Nick Mason, Agent; request approval to build a 6-Lot single family subdivision on 1.46 acres.

4. Approve the Planning Commission Meeting Schedule for the year 2015.

5. Approval of Minutes – October 21 and November 5, 2014.

(The following matters are for discussion only.)

6. Updates or follow-up on items currently in the development review process including a proposed text amendment to Chapter 13 regarding the terms “adjacent’ and “abutting” – Staff: Pat Hanson, City Planner.


7. Report from Staff on upcoming applications
8. Discussion of possible future amendments to code