Changes in Home Occupation Licensing

As of May 9, 2017 the City of Holladay no longer issues business licenses for home based businesses that do not have employees or customers coming to their home.  This change is due to the recently approved state law.  In their 2017 session, the Utah State Legislature passed SB 81, which prohibits a municipality or a county from requiring a license or charging a fee for certain home based businesses.

Other home based businesses that have clients, customers or employees coming to the property will continue to be regulated by the City.  These businesses continue to be subject to the City’s zoning regulations including obtaining a conditional use permit from the Planning Commission.

Even though the City will no longer regulate certain home based businesses, it is vital to understand that they are still subject to registration with the State of Utah for tax collection purposes and owners of these businesses should contact the State of Utah Tax Commission for assistance in properly registering them when applicable to tax code Holladay 18065.

For questions or information regarding this new policy, please contact:

Angela Hummer, Business License Official