The City of Holladay Code makes provisions for limited business activities in the home. Because these businesses have direct impact within a residential neighborhood, home occupations and day care operations are regulated under the business license title and under the zoning title as either a permitted or conditional use. You will need to receive several approvals before your day care can be licensed.

First, you must apply for a business license. After you have completed the initial application, you will need to turn it in to the licensing department along with the appropriate fees. Next, you will need to apply and receive zoning clearance from either the Community Development Director or the Planning Commission. For day care that has no more than six (6) children, including the caregiver’s own children under the age of six and not yet in full day school, the Community Development Director will approve your license if you meet the criteria listed on the checklist.

For a day care, which has 12 children, including the caregiver’s own children under the age of six and not yet in full day school, a conditional use permit is required. For a day care that has over 12 children, additional zoning requirements must be met and the use is not considered a “home” day care. Please contact the Planning staff for help on this matter.

There are several other approvals that must be obtained prior to the issuance of your business license. They may include the County Fire, UPD and Health Department. Upon receipt of these recommendations, your business license will be sent to you at the address listed on the application.

As with all businesses, they are renewed yearly. However, the conditional use permit is a one-time approval. REMINDER: The conditional use permit is subject to review upon complaint. If there is a complaint about your business activities that is substantiated by the Code Enforcement officer, the Planning Commission will review your conditional use permit and the Commission may impose additional conditions on the business or revoke the conditional use and business license.

Questions? Contact Shantell Marsell at 801-527-3890