Business License Common Questions


Who must register their business?
All businesses in Utah are required by law to register with the Utah Department of Commerce either as a DBA (doing business as), corporation, Limited Liability Company or limited partnership. However, if you are operating under your legal name only, you will not need to register your legal name.

Why are businesses required to register?
Registration is required so that a comprehensive state registry of all business and corporate information is available for public reference. This information is vital to an orderly legal system and marketplace. Without it, the public and/or other businesses may have no way of knowing the person(s) with whom they are doing business.

Where do you register your business name?
You can easily register your business name online by visiting You will register through the “One Stop Business Registration” online process. This website will also link you into the Utah State Tax Commission to obtain your sales tax ID number if your business is doing any retail of goods.

What if I registered my business name already, but I still need my sales tax ID number?
You will need to contact the Utah State Tax Commission. Please contact them at 801-297-7705.

What if I need an additional outlet for my sales tax ID number, or for it to be recoded?
Each sales tax ID number is coded to correctly route sales tax to the appropriate entities. If you need to change the coding of a number, or add another outlet, please contact the Utah State Tax Commission at 801-297-7705.

Who must license their business?
By law, all businesses are required to be licensed with the local municipality in which they are doing business, with the exception of Home Occupations businesses that have no customers or employees coming to the home or impact the neighborhood (see home occupation checklist)

General standards exist for licensure, but each city also has unique requirements and procedures. Someone is considered to be in business if they are engaging in the commerce of making, buying, or selling goods or services for trade or monetary gain.

Why are municipal business licenses required?
Local licensing insures that businesses are safe to the public and given the protections under the law to which a licensee’s business is entitled. A business may be inspected and required to fulfill local zoning, building, safety, and health requirements before receiving a license.

What is a business license and do I need one?
A business license grants permission to engage in a business activity at a specific location within the City. The definition of a business includes every trade, occupation, profession or activity engaged in.

Where do I go to get a business license?
Applications can be downloaded from our website or picked up for the City office. You may access these applications and other forms online here.

How long does it take to receive a business license?
Most business licenses can be issued in approximately 30 days. Approval is needed from the following:

  • Planning & Zoning
  • Building
  • Unified Fire Authority
  • Unified Police Department
  • Salt Lake County Health Department
  • Any other applicable State licensing entities

How much does it cost?
Home-based business license applications are $100.00. Home-based business licenses are $75 annually after the initial processing.

Commercial based business license fees are dependent on the type of business being conducted. Please call 801-527-3890 to speak with the Business License Official for an accurate category and fee cost.

What types of business licenses require a background check?*
Background checks are required for the following businesses: beer and liquor, solicitors, mobile food vendors, dancers, sexually oriented businesses & employees, and day care providers. Background checks must be obtained from:

Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification
3888 W 5400 S
Taylorsville, UT 84129
(801) 965-4445

*If your primary residence is outside of Utah, we will require a background check from your State of residence or a federal background check of equal standing.

Can I operate a business from my home?
If your business meets the conditions, it could be approved. Please read the Home Occupations Checklist here, and you should be able to determine if you meet the City requirements. If you want to receive clients in your home, you may do so if approved by Planning Commission for a conditional use permit. Please review the Conditional Use Application - Home Occupation for more information.

Additional questions? Please contact Angela Hummer at or 801-527-3890.