Single Family Dwelling

The following is a list of required plans and documents to be submitted with a permit application. Two copies of each item are required

1. Construction drawings (plans) including: Footing, Foundation, Floor framing, Roof framing, Wall sections, Building sections, Stair section, Beam schedule, Door schedule, Window schedule, Elevations, and Floor Plans for all floors, including basement. Show electrical, plumbing and mechanical on floor plans or on separate sheets.

2. Plot plan with street names and easements.

3. Architectural committee approval. If required by subdivision.

4. RES check 2006

5. Structural Calculations may be required (all two story and multi level) ask plans examiner if applicant has questions.

6. Provide engineering wet stamps on calculations and structural drawings when engineering is provided.

7. Gas Pipe sizing- To include lengths, size, BTU’s, and Pressure (4oz. or 2lb.) per Questar gas “good practices for gas piping and appliance installations”.

8. Water supply sizing, showing meter and distribution pipe sizes per International residential Code section P2903

9. Drawings are to clearly show work to be done. Drawings submitted with different options and/ or not clear in scope of work, will not be reviewed.