Required Design Criteria


WIND SPEED: 90 mph (3sec)
Exposure: Site specific. Most of Holladay is classified as exposure “C”
Code: For simple diaphragm buildings less than 60 ft in height – use IBC 2009. For all other structures use – ASCE 7-02.

SEISMIC DESIGN CATEGORY: Site specific – Holladay is classified at a minimum as “D” with many sites requiring an “E” Classification depending upon site class and 1 second spectral response acceleration. (Greater than 0.75g).

SITE CLASS: Site specific – Holladay may assume “D”. Essential facilities and irregular structures require site specific geographical analysis.

GEOTECHNICAL INFORMATION: All commercial projects require site specific geotechnical reports. The report shall include as a minimum: Field investigation; description of on site soil conditions; ground water elevation; soil preparation recommendations; allowable soil bearing; suitability of soils for proposed foundation system; liquefaction potential and recommended remedial action if required; recommended site class see IBC Table 1615.1.1.
Holladay City recommends that all projects obtain a site specific geotechnical report.

SNOW LOAD: Site specific depending upon elevation with a minimum roof snow load (Pf) of 30 psf, and a minimum ground snow load (Pg) of 43 psf at a base elevation of 4,500 ft. The following chart may be used at higher elevations.
Elevation Pg (psf) Pf (psf)
4500             43        30
4750             46        32
5000             54        38

SEISMIC SNOW LOAD: At locations where roof snow load exceeds 30psf include 20% of the roof snow load in the effective seismic weight of the structure.

Return Period 15 min. 30 min. 1 hour 6 hour 12 hour 24 hour
10 year 0.54" 0.74" 0.94" 1.46" 1.79" 2.19"
100 year 0.82" 1.14" 1.46" 2.18" 2.70" 3.35"


How Do I Submit Plans For Review?
When you submit plans are logged in at the Building Department for review, your plans will be reviewed by several departments. Plans are logged in and reviewed by each department in the following order: Zoning, Engineering/Public Works, Building, and the Fire Department. All plans are signed in and out thru the Building Department Permit Technician, Jonathan Teerlink (801-527-3890). As each department reviews the plans, a review report will be written. Once the reviews have all been done, the listed contact person will be notified to pick up plans and reports, make the appropriate corrections and resubmit. Once all requirements have been met, your plan will be stamped approved, issued a permit number, fees assessed and the permit will be released for construction. Each department has other duties besides plan review so our review process could take a day or two or up to ten working days for the first review. Please plan ahead. Each department reviews plans in the order in which they are received. If you need to make changes and resubmit your plans, the plans will be forwarded to the department who asked for the corrections. They in turn will re-review the plans as they receive them.
We strongly urge you to review our check off list and your plans very carefully to make sure all requested information is included. This will expedite your plan review. If you have any questions about the review process, do not hesitate to call us.