DRAFT Tree Protection Ordinance

 Tree Protection Ordinance

Draft Tree Ordinance for Review and Comment.

Holladay’s City Council will soon be considering an ordinance to further protect Holladay’s tree canopy. Since incorporation, the City’s decision makers have been wrestling with ways to protect the existing tree canopy that makes the City so unique in the Valley.  The City Council previously approved some measures designed to protect the City’s trees, including an ordinance protecting trees along City streets and on publicly managed property, but that ordinance did not apply to private property.

During the City’s recent study and adoption of a new General Plan, some citizens voiced their opinion that the tree canopy in the City needs to be protected from development efforts that could adversely affect the canopy in the long term.   In addition, concerns about the loss of trees in heavily forested and privately owned lots have also been raised.   As a result, an ad hoc group including two Council representatives, City staff and members of the City’s Tree Committee was formed.

Key provisions of the potential changes include:

  • the potential creation of a Tree Protection Overlay Zone in parts of the City
  • protective regulation of the tree canopy on private property in the newly created zone
  • Required replacement of removed trees within the zone