Holladay City has received federal money and is partnering with UDOT to build improvements at six intesections in the City..  Please continue reading to learn more about what is being proposed and to see the drawings.


Highland Drive Project:

Add left turn lanes on Highland Drive at: Fardown Ave, Oakwood Elementary, Walker Lane, Lakewood Drive, and Spring Lane. Install new signal poles, signal lights, and signal equipment at Walker Lane and Spring Lane

• Spring Lane
• Walker Lane
• Lakewood Drive
• Fardown Avenue
6200 S at 2300 E - Add bike lane and paved shoulders and replace traffic signa

6200 South Project:

Evaluating 3 options at the intersection of 6200 South & Holladay Blvd

1. Roundabout
2. Add second left turn lane southbound and replace traffic signal
3. Single left turn lane remains southbound and replace traffic signal