Holladay City is well known for being one of the most heavily wooded cities in the state.  City leaders, partnered with the Holladay Tree Committee, want to help maintain the health of our urban forest.  What this means to home owners is that the city will help you place new trees in your residential landscapes “right of way” areas aka ‘Street Trees’.  These new trees can help compliment your existing landscape or restore what may have been lost after older trees have been removed.

In years past the tree give away programs have helped line our streets with more than 250 new trees and it is continuing in 2017!

There are a number of ways to complete the application:

  1.  Simply fill out the application which is available here
  2. download the application
  3. Pick up form at the front desk of city hall.

Once the application is completed, leave it with the receptionist at city hall or email the PDF to

After the application has been reviewed by a member of the tree committee a voucher will be issued which you may redeem at one of our participating nurseries for the dollar amount and tree species detailed on your approved voucher.

THIS IS NOT A REIMBURSEMENT PROGRAM, please do not submit receipts for trees you have purchased yourself.

Some of the rules and restrictions apply.

-You must be a Holladay city resident

-The tree must be placed in a city “Right of Way” location which is typically within 14 feet of a city street

-This program is first come first serve and will end if the allocated budget is exhausted

There are many species of tree which will be approved for our area most of which are recommended by the Utah state forester.  Larger trees may be restricted for some planting sites.