City Council

City Survey Update

From November 14 to December 18, 2017, the City of Holladay, with the assistance of Y2Analytics, conducted a citywide survey of residents. The purpose of the survey was to gather input about important issues facing the City of Holladay. Participation in the survey was offered to residents at random by invitation only based on a sampling of Holladay registered voters. In total, 1,910 residents completed the survey, an impressive response rate of approximately 14% of the total 13,291 delivered invitations.

The 2017 Holladay citywide survey will serve not only as a current ‘report card’ on municipal issues, but will also be a benchmark for judging the results of future opinion surveys and helping the City assess its progress on a variety of issues.  It will also help the City Council as it makes future decisions on the allocation of resources into public priority areas.


Link to 2017 Citywide Survey Topline Results

Link to January 11, 2018 Y2Analytics Presentation of the 2017 Citywide Survey to the City Council

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