Planning Commission Mtg – Oct. 17


Tuesday, October 17th, 2017
City Council Chambers – 4580 S 2300 E




6:00 PM     SITE VISITS – Planning Commission members may visit any location on tonight’s agenda prior to the meeting.

 6:30 PM     PRE-MEETING / WORK SESSION - All agenda items may be discussed during a light dinner.  No decisions will be made during this portion of the meeting.

                  **Presentation, Knudsen Park Update – details pertaining to the chosen park feature and layout will be presented to the commission.


7:00 PM     1.    CONVENE REGULAR MEETING – Public Welcome & Chair Opening Statement



7:00 PM     2.   PUBLIC HEARING – Beck Rezone Proposal – 2411 East 4500 South
Applicant, Jeff and Caitlin Beck, proposes an amendment to the Holladay zone map at this address. The proposal is to change from the current R-1-10 zone (one single-family home per 10,000 square feet) to R-1-8 (one single-family home per 8,000 square feet).  (File# 17-4-07) 

  1. CONTINUED - “Aspen Hollow” Residential Subdivision Plat – 4454 South Aspen Hollow Drive
     Applicant, DRP Family Partnership, proposes to divide their existing .46 acres lot (20,037 square feet) in order to create an additional single-family residential lot as per current Holladay R-1-8 zone regulations. Planning Commission will review the proposed subdivision at a conceptual and preliminary level.  (File# 17-1-11)
  1.   “Woodruff  Cove” Residential Subdivision Plat – 2150 East 6200 South
     Applicant, Brandon Butcher proposes an amendment to a previously approved Preliminary Plat. The plat was approved for 2 twin-homes (4 units) by the planning commission, the applicant is proposing to decrease the density of the plat to thee, single-family lots, with associated site development amendments. (File#15-1-03-01)
  1.    Approval of Minutes – August 29, 2017


8:55 PM     6.   Review of the Site Development Master Plan details for the R-M/U zone





On Friday, October 13, 2017 2:00 pm a copy of the foregoing notice was posted in conspicuous view in the front foyer of the City of Holladay City Hall, Holladay, UT.  A copy of this notice was emailed to the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News, newspapers of general circulation in the City by the Office of the City Recorder.  A copy was also emailed to the Salt Lake County Council, Cottonwood Heights City and Murray City.  The agenda was also posted at the Holladay Library, City internet website at and state noticing website at


Reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities or those in need of language interpretation service can be provided upon request.  For assistance, please call the City Recorder’s office at 272-9450 at least three days in advance.  TTY/TDD number is (801)270-2425 or call Relay Utah at #7-1-1