Planning Commission Meeting – Sept. 19


Tuesday, September 19th 2017
City Council Chambers – 4580 S 2300 E

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6:00 PM     SITE VISITS – Planning Commission members may visit any location on tonight’s agenda prior to the meeting. 

6:30 PM     PRE-MEETING / WORK SESSION - All agenda items may be discussed during a light dinner.  No decisions will be made during this portion of the meeting.

7:00 PM     1.    CONVENE REGULAR MEETING – Public Welcome & Chair Opening Statement 


7:05 PM     2.   PUBLIC HEARING – Amendment to Calloway Subdivision – 2200 E 6200 S
                        Lot line adjustment between applicants’ Alan Markham and Troy Thompson properties require an amendment to the Calloway Subdivision boundaries. The amendment will add Mr. Thompson’s property, currently outside of the Calloway Subdivision, into the subdivision as Lot #4.

7:15 PM     3.   PUBLIC HEARING – Concept Plan Amendment to Big Cottonwood Subdivision– 2150 E 6200 S
                        Applicant Jay Rice proposes a revision to a previously approved concept plan for a 7-lot subdivision in the R-1-8 zone. The revision proposes a new private road access location and renews the conceptual approval for this application file so applicant may pursue final development approval steps.

4.   Approval of Minutes – June 20 & July 11, 2017


7:45 PM     5.   Proposed Ordinance Amendment -Tree Canopy Protection - Work session to discuss proposed amendments to Holladay’s Tree Protection regulations, 13.04.040





On Friday, September 15, 2017 at 11:30 am a copy of the foregoing notice was posted in conspicuous view in the front foyer of the City of Holladay City Hall, Holladay, Utah.  A copy of this notice was faxed to the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News, newspapers of general circulation in the City by the Office of the City Recorder.  A copy was also faxed or emailed to the Salt Lake County Council, Cottonwood Heights City and Murray City. The agenda was also posted at city hall, Holladay Library, city internet website at and state noticing website at  

 Reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities or those in need of language interpretation service can be provided upon request.  For assistance, please call 801-527-3890 at least 48 hours in advance.
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